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We are FREEDOM UA, a foundation that strengthens Ukraine and supports those who defend its freedom and independence. Our mission is to collect donations and provide assistance to the Ukrainian military and citizens in their most difficult times.

How donations become steps towards progress

Discover how your support has already helped thousands of Ukrainians

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Every vehicle for the Defence ForcesGives our units an advantage in mobility and efficiency.

Military transport

Fast and efficient transport can save lives, and some types of vehicles also help to rescue equipment from the battlefield and repair it on the spot.

Support this Direction

Transport plays a crucial role in providing mobility, logistical support and combat effectiveness for military operations. It enables our military to move, regroup and respond quickly to different scenarios.

Your support

Each of your contributions helps to strengthen the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including the purchase of drones for them!

Eyes in the Sky for the army!

Drones help to keep our positions under control and locate enemy positions without risking the lives of our military personnel.

The enemy cannot hide!

Quality and timely aerial reconnaissance provides our units with a lot of information to direct fire at enemy positions

Your support

Each contribution we receive helps to strengthen the Ukrainian army. Even the smallest donation matters!

Сommunication devices

Radios, repeaters, and other equipment that will strengthen the unit with constant secure communication!

Safety and efficiency of the unit

Without established communication, reconnaissance, defense of positions, or attack on the enemy is impossible. Communication is power!

Your support

Every donation you make helps us strengthen the Ukrainian military, with optics as well!

Optics purchase

Our units need optics of different types, purposes, and characteristics to successfully carry out combat missions.

See the enemy from afar!

To detect the enemy in time means to transmit information, plan actions, and eliminate the occupant in time as well!

Your support

Every contribution to the Tactical medicine direction saves the lives of Ukrainian soldiers!

Tactical medicine for Ukrainian defenders

The foundation's team provides military units with training in TCCC and supplies for providing urgent medical assistance.

Thousands of lives saved

The life of every soldier is our most valuable resource in the fight against the occupier!

Give hope to Ukraine

Each donation can change the lives of thousands of Ukrainians who believe in Victory

Moments of support

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They help the platform raise funds for Ukraine, and keep it a focus point of the global community, being a constant reminder of the Ukrainian fight for freedom and the values of the democratic world. Their input is priceless


Creative director of balenciaga

The war in ukraine has triggered the pain of a past trauma i have carried in me since 1993, when the same thing happened in my home country, and i became a forever refugee. Forever, because that's something that stays in you. The fear, the desperation, the understanding that no one wants you. But i also realized what really matters in life, the most important things, like life itself and human love and compassion


Football player and coach

I couldn't think about anything else but what is happening in Ukraine. We were sending humanitarian aid and arranging fundraisings with the guys who played in England - Zinchenko and Yarmolenko - and created the Play Your Part for Ukraine platform to raise funds to help children, women and the elderly fleeing the war. England, Italy, America — I was constantly traveling around looking for support. However, it seemed to be not enough. I remember a meeting in Trafalgar Square, where I went with my family. Blue and yellow colors were all around, and I thought that the full-scale war had done what the athletes had been trying to achieve for 30 years — fill the world with Ukrainian flags. Unfortunately, it cost us way too much,” says Andriy



I’m thankful for ukraine and the battle its people are fighting every day simply for the right to exist. I’m grateful for the reminder to cherish and protect the freedoms and the liberties that we have in our own country. How essential they are to our way of life. The best form of gratitude is tangible support


Frequently asked questions that reveal the essence of our mission and our goals

How can I donate to FREEDOM UA?

To donate to FREEDOM UA, just click on the "Support Now" button in the upper right corner and choose a convenient way to donate for you

What are the guarantees that my money will really go to help Ukraine?

FREEDOM UA guarantees transparency and openness, as it is an officially registered organization in the United States. We also publish reports on the use of funds and have direct access to information about the needs of Ukraine

How can I become a partner of FREEDOM UA?

We offer various types of partnerships, including joint campaigns, events, collaboration and media support. Contact us at to learn more

How can I help popularize FREEDOM UA?

You can post our materials on social media, place banners and advertisements on your website to increase the visibility of FREEDOM UA